Waste Management

EMS provides a broad range of waste management services across the private and public sectors. From identifying waste streams through to removal and disposal, EMS can develop a solution to suit your operational and project requirements, using the principles of cleaner production.

EMS has extensive experience in dealing with solid wastes, liquid wastes, hazardous wastes, scheduled wastes and recyclable wastes. All assessment of waste is carried out in accordance with the NSW EPA (1999) Environmental Guidelines: Assessment, Classification & Management of Liquid & Non-Liquid Wastes.

The EMS approach to waste management is to gain a thorough appreciation of site processes that will enable the identification of actual or possible waste streams. EMS can then develop both technical and practical solutions and advice, to minimise the generation of the waste and ensure the proper storage, transport and disposal of remaining waste streams. This strategy enables our clients to comply with today’s regulatory requirements in an efficient and economical way that minimises risk to people, business and the environment.

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