Case Studies

Aircraft Noise Assessments

For knock down rebuild developments or alterations and additions for dwellings under or near the flight path EMS has conducted aircraft noise assessments for properties surrounding the Sydney Airport. EMS can also provide the assessments for developments near general aviation airports, having provided the acoustic building recommendations for an alteration and additions development at Ellis Lane for aircraft flyovers from Camden Airport.

Road/Rail Noise Assessment

For developments near busy roads and rail corridors EMS has prepared acoustic reports to prevent noise transmitting inside and adversely affecting sleeping areas and habitable rooms. EMS has carried multiple road traffic noise assessments for developments adjacent to the M5 motorway and other busy roads and has conducted rail noise assessments for the DA of properties adjacent to rail corridors used by Sydney Trains, regional trains, interstate and freight trains.

Noise Impact Assessment (Childcares, Fitness Studios, Restaurants, etc.)

For businesses that would like to obtain or modify their DA EMS has completed numerous noise impact assessments for businesses that would like to extend operating hours or increase the number of patrons or assess mechanical plant. EMS was employed by the Sydney Hills Gymnastics as they wished to add another gymnastic centre to their business by obtaining a DA for the change of use of an existing industrial warehouse in Bella Vista.

Occupational Noise Survey

When workplaces are exposed to high industrial noise levels EMS has been engaged to thoroughly measure the existing exposure levels by taking handheld measurements with a Sound Level Meter and by attaching a noise dosimeter to a worker for the duration of their shift. From the noise data gathered from the workplace EMS recommends the appropriate hearing protection to prevent any hearing loss taking place at the job. EMS has undergone occupational noise surveys of hospitals such as the Campbelltown, Camden and Mater (North Sydney) Hospital as well as many noisy factories such as the Gate Gourmet facility at Mascot and the Ecolab at Revesby.

Noise Transmission Assessment

EMS has conducted noise transmission assessments for medium density housing developments to ensure the BCA requirements are met and for commercial buildings for when the noise transmission between intertenancy walls or walls within the same tenancy has been a concern. EMS performed testing for the new Science Building at the Western Sydney University’s Parramatta Campus to evaluate the sound insulation separating a corridor from rooms used to study human behaviour.

Floor Impact Assessments

If you are wishing to replace the existing flooring in your apartment with tiles, timber floors or laminate flooring EMS has completed many floor impact assessments to ensure newly installed flooring meets BCA or Strata requirements. Using an Impact Floor Generator (tapping machine) EMS has conducted testing throughout Sydney with several assessments taking place in Breakfast Point.

Construction Noise & Vibration Management Plans (CNVMP)

For project sites encompassed by various sensitive receivers (residential, educational, hospital ward, etc.) EMS has prepared CNVMPs to establish an appropriate noise and vibration criteria and to work to mitigate noise and vibration emissions to enable the construction phases to go ahead unimpeded. EMS prepared the Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plan for the demolition works undertaken by Moits for 88 Walker Street prior to the construction of a mixed-use development which is proposed to cantilever over the adjacent heritage Firehouse Hotel.

Vibration Monitoring

For residential or commercial structures, important infrastructure or sensitive equipment near demolition/excavation sites EMS conducts vibration monitoring either via unattended monitoring or vibration trials. To protect the Southern & Western Suburbs Ocean Outfall Sewer whilst a Sydney Airport runway was being widened above it EMS carried out a vibration monitoring trial to make sure the Sydney Water asset did not undergo structural damage.

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