Asbestos Registers

EMS provides a complete range of environmental consultancy services to assist local communities, industry and government authorities deal with environmental issues and ensure that regulatory and statutory obligations are complied with. These services include comprehensive property inspections to check for materials suspected of containing asbestos and any other hazardous materials.

Under the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011, and the two Codes of Practice introduced by Safe Work Australia in 2011 (How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace and How to Safely Remove Asbestos) all commercial and industrial properties built prior to 2003 are required to have an Asbestos Register on site and accessible to all staff and tradesmen involved with the building. If asbestos is found to be present then an Asbestos Management Plan is also required to be kept on site.

Asbestos can be found in a range of products manufactured prior to 1980. Some of the most common of these are: wall and ceiling sheeting, vinyl flooring, corrugated roof sheeting, external wall cladding, electrical backing boards, lift brakes, pipe gaskets and the core material of fire doors.

EMS are able to carry out asbestos surveys and issue a comprehensive Asbestos Register detailing the location, extent and condition of all asbestos materials found. Where asbestos is found to be present, EMS will prepare an Asbestos Management Plan with risk assessment. If the building is to be demolished, EMS are able to provide an Asbestos Removal Scope of Works.

EMS are proud of the record of our achievements, our ability to meet the needs of our clients and the quality of our service. Our ability to provide an independent project appraisal is a key component of our success.

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