Do we do acoustic testing for newly installed or existing flooring?

Yes, we will need access to both the apartment which is having the flooring tested and to the apartment below it to carry out the measurements.

Do we do acoustic testing in response to noise complaints regarding neighbouring residential, commercial or industrial premises?

Yes, however most of the time we will need the cooperation from the operator of the noise source for them to switch the noise source off and on to perform the testing.

Do we provide DA acoustic reports for new developments, change of use, alterations and additions or extension of operating hours?

Yes, for residential, commercial and industrial development applications.

Do you provide obligation free quotes?

Yes, please call our 1300 number and we will discuss your requirements.

How does the vibration monitoring work?

Our units will measure the vibration levels and if required we can organise for SMS alerts.

Our site is in a remote location can you monitor for us?

Yes our devices are capable of running for three weeks on battery and indefinitely with Solar panels.

How is the information downloaded?

We can attend site to download the device or we can access via the Cloud to download remotely.

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