Recent Projects

Vibration Monitoring

EMS assisted Leed Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd with a Vibration Trial and Vibration Monitoring as part of the Exploratory Works Access Road project they were awarded to construct as part of the Snowy 2.0. Vibration monitoring has been performed for the ruins of the heritage listed Washington Hotel in the Lobs Hole area of Kosciusko National Park whilst the access road is built.

Noise and Vibration Monitoring

For the excavation works as part of the construction of the 88 Walker St North Sydney cantilevered mixed use building comprising of a hotel and commercial offices EMS has carried out noise and vibration monitoring for Billbergia to aid the appeasement of the human comfort of the neighbouring commercial existing developments and to prevent any structural damage, particularly to the adjoining heritage listed Firehouse Hotel.

Noise and Vibration Monitoring

As part of Stage 1 of the Concord Hospital Redevelopment EMS has carried out noise and vibration monitoring for Moits for the sensitive hospital patient and staff located within the existing hospital as the hospital expands and new facilities are added.

Acoustic Report – Floor Impact and Airborne Noise Transmission Assessment

EMS performed acoustic testing for Sydney Building Projects Pty Ltd for the new Science Building located at Western Sydney University’s Parramatta Campus to evaluate the sound insulation separating a corridor from rooms used to study human behavior.

Acoustic Report – Noise Impact and Rail Noise and Vibration Assessment

For the redevelopment of the Love and Care Child Centre which overlooks the Sydney Train’s T1 and T2 lines at Auburn EMS conducted an acoustic assessment to ensure the neighbouring residents are not affected by the increase in children within the business and to confirm that the noise and vibration from the rail traffic is within the State Environmental Planning Policy’s criteria for child care centres.